Your hairdresser in Hilversum!

Best hairdresser in Hilversum

The hairdresser of Akkad has worked in many countries in the art of shaving and cutting and has more than 12 years of experience. The hairdresser in Hilversum can cut hair in all kinds of hairstyles, epilate eyebrows and cut and trim beards. In addition to cutting, we also offer various beauty treatments. At the hairdresser in Hilversum everything is possible! 

For everyone

The 100% men’s hairdresser in Hilversum who, in addition to cutting hair, also does shaving beards. Feel welcome at Barber Akkad and be surprised. We work with and without an appointment, so you can always walk in with us. The most important goal of our men’s hairdresser is that you look beautiful again after your visit. Attention is not only paid to the hairstyle, but also to your own overall facial expression. We can cut your hair, epilate your eyebrows, shave, cut or trim your beards and even take care of your face with a face mask or a head massage. The hairdresser in Hilversum is always ready for you! Make an appointment now or come to us! 

Fantastic result

The hairdresser of Akkad cuts your hair how you want! If you would like to cut your hair with your son, that is also possible! The hairdresser in Hilversum can cut your hair however you want. We can cut whatever hairstyle you want. Do you want to have low fade? or do you want tapered fade with textured top? Then our hairdresser in Hilversum can do it for you! Maybe you want to have a Fade with pompadour or Scissor fade with quiff? Then Barber Akkad can cut it for you! Do you want a Fade with sweep-back, Short afro with fade, Scissor fade with rough top, Fade with crest or even Low fade? Our hairdresser in Hilversum can change your hair 360 degrees. 

Make an appointment

With us you can make an appointment in many ways. You can now make an appointment via the button below or above. You can also call us on this number: +31352090138. We are open every day except Sunday. You can come straight to us in Hilversum and make an appointment. With us you have many options! Make an appointment now and let yourself be refreshed with a new hairstyle!

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